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Jiankai Sunshine New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly Zhongsheng Sunshine New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "ET") is a global integrated supplier of new energy systems. Founded in 2005, Jiankai Sunshine New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. strives for innovative development, leads the development trend of global photovoltaic industry, successfully ranks among the leading brands of global clean energy manufacturers, and has been listed as the first ladder in the world by Bloomberg New Energy Finance and Team photovoltaic brand. According to the unique strategic perspective, ET adjusts and optimizes its development strategy, laying a solid foundation for its sustainable development and career expansion. At present, the company's three core competencies focus on: differentiated products, cloud factory supply chain, and global operation.

Jiankai Sunshine New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.Jiankai Sunshine New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.Jiankai Sunshine New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

The company's core manufacturing plants are located in Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province, with global management headquarters in Nanjing, wholly owned subsidiaries in the mainstream photovoltaic markets of the United States, Germany and Japan, and collaborative manufacturing plants in Malaysia, Thailand and other places. Product innovation based on customer demand, with distinct differentiation characteristics, is the enterprise with the most complete variety of industrial products and the most new products. ET brand has a broad customer base, a complete international sales network and mature sales channels, customers in 90 countries and regions. At present, ET is implementing the strategy of "cloud supply chain", integrating the high-quality surplus capacity resources of small and medium-sized batteries and component factories scattered around the world in line with the company's capacity layout plan, forming a "cloud supply chain" and improving the core competitiveness of differentiation. And actively integrate energy storage resources, develop multi-energy complementary + energy storage business, to achieve value-added industrial chain.

At the same time, ET actively integrates new energy and intelligent household appliances by virtue of its perfect quality control constitution and continuous technological research and development ability, and provides diversified off-grid products and power demand solutions for customers with different goals.