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Shareholders Background

Jiankai Sunshine New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Commercial outlet construction and development center (hereinafter referred to as "China Business Center") is a state institution at the department level approved by the Office of the Central Organizational Establishment Committee on October 11, 1993, which is subordinate to the State Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.

China Business Center has five functions.
(1) The main functions of policy advisory are: national industrial policy advisory; guiding the planning and construction of local commercial outlets; serving local governments in investment and image promotion; and exchanging industry resources.

(2) The main functions of network planning are: urban commercial network planning; large-scale business circle planning; commercial center planning; circulation rules of agricultural and trade markets; industrial layout planning; cultural tourism real estate planning; Logistics Park planning.

(3) The main functions of development and construction are as follows: creating customer cloud by Chinese businessmen; headquarters base of wisdom of Chinese businessmen industry; China Geographic Mark Mall; China Business City Complex; China Business Community Life Service Center; China Business Auto Modern Service Industry Accumulation Demonstration Zone.

(4) The main functions of asset management are: acquisition, management and optimization of assets; leasing, transferring and restructuring of assets formed by non-performing loans; and re-allocation of resources for projects and assets.

(5) The main functions of capital operation are: industrial capital operation; equity capital operation; financial capital operation.