Campus Recruitment

 Why Campus Recruitment

Campus Recruitment provides a platform for the organizations to meet the aspirants and pick up intelligent, committed youth who have the requisite enthusiasm and zeal to prove themselves. In order to find the right candidates, organizations employ various selection procedures. With the growth in solar industry, the need for talented and self-motivated young people who can work tirelessly has grown. So organizations do fine themselves to only the select institutes but spread their net far and wide.


 Campus Activities

We typically sponsor and participate in a variety of on-campus activities, including:

ž   Career fairs

ž   Information sessions

ž   Events with student organizations

ž   Meetings with faculty and campus officials

ž   On-campus interviews


 The Selection Process:

The following are the stages that students normally go through as a part of Campus Recruitment:


Aptitude Test:

Aptitude test is a structured systematic way of evaluating how people perform on tasks or react to different situations. Aptitude tests are designed to test the presence of certain innate abilities required for a particular line of work or study. An aptitude test is used as a process of filtration to reduce the number of candidates for further rounds of selection process.


Group Discussion:

Group discussion is conducted to test the following skills of candidates - Inter personal - listening, speaking, receptiveness, team spirit, etc., Clarity of thought - Knowledge and the ability to link known facts Communication skills - Coherence 



An interview helps the recruiters to get to know the person behind the test scores and what is mentioned in the application and CV. The recruiters use the interview process to evaluate the candidate on various aspects such as goals, attitude, motivational levels, ability to react to situations, etc. An interview also helps the company assess the cultural fit between the company and the student.


 Scope of Campus Recruitment

ET Solar recruit people for jobs like marketing, international sales, customer support, after-sales service. Whether you're seeking an internship or full-time position, you'll find that ET Solar offers a challenging and rewarding spectrum of opportunities in which to start your career.


 Need for preparation

In order to find the best possible placement, students, good or mediocre, need to put up their best. While more companies are now recruiting one must realize that the competition has become stiffer. It must also be borne in mind that organizations do not want to compromise on quality, as the salary offered is good. So, even good students need to polish their speed and accuracy, through regular practice and thus give a credible performance.


 Campus Recruitment in 2012

Dates for the 2011-2012 Recruiting seasons are coming soon. Please pay attention to update on our website. Thank you.

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