We strive to develop products to meet the growing and changing market demand. Our experienced R&D team is committed to developing highly efficient and affordable solar energy products in both technologically and commercially innovative ways.


 International R&D team based in Germany and China

We have two outstanding R&D teams, one is based in Germany, which consists of CSO Ph.D Sui and local experienced solar engineers; the other is in China which cooperated with distinguished institutes and research centers.



 Collaborative relationships with third party suppliers

ET Solar realized that supplier relationships tend to be most critical, for this reason, ET Solar established collaborative relationships with customers to minimize forecasting error.


 Cooperative relationships with reputable institutes and colleges

ET Solar has cooperated with reputable universities which located in middle and southeast part of China. Meanwhile, many R&D projects, which focus on “technology of new generation thin film solar cell” and “technology of remote monitor of solar power station”, etc, have already been authorized by government organizations.


 First-class in-house laboratory

ET Solar’s in-house test lab for new products processes and materials meet international standards. On top of that, all members of staff employed at the lab have the required qualifications.
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