• 500KW PV-Diesel-Storage Integrated Off-grid System

500KW PV-Diesel-Storage Integrated Off-grid System

The system is generated mainly by photovoltaic power generation, diesel power generation as supplement.

Product Description


1250kw PV +3750kWh Lithium Battery +500kw Diesel Engine: The PV capacity can meet the requirement of filling the lithium battery every day, and the lithium battery can working at full load of 100kw for 6h.The power shortage is supplemented by the diesel engine.This system is suitable for areas without electric supply or power insecure areas, and provides the most economical power supply solutions for users by combining photovoltaic and diesel power generation with high-density energy storage battery.

Application scenarios

Utility failure areas

Sunny areas

Oil price sensitive users

Areas with environmental protection requirements containing noise


Technology of high efficient PV module

A convenient inverter can be installed completely by hand

Modular design, excellent expansibility

EMS(Energy Management System)&Remote monitoring system