ET Stand-alone System

We offer off-grid systems that integrate panels with power cabinets. These systems are designed for facilities (telecommunications, water pumping, etc) located in remote and rural areas that do not have access to grid transmission network. In addition to third party projects that used our on-grid systems commercially, we donated such systems to eight Tibetan villages in 2008 and brought light and joy to the local residents.


Cost efficient solutions for remote areas

No performance compromise under extreme conditions

Design flexibility to work with other renewable energy systems


 Off-grid PV Cabinet

Our Off-grid PV Power Cabinet (OPPC) integrates solar module, controller, battery unit and off-grid inverter in one cabinet, which has the following features:

Human design

Home-application-style design

Differentiated design

Intelligent design

The category of ET OPPC ranges from 500W to 3000W for residential and commercial applications. The system can be developed into wind-solar-diesel generator.

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